Concerns bound to the global warming

Global warming of the planet will undoubtedly and unfortunately have consequences on the culture of the vineyard and on the wine-making champenoise economy.

The northern hemisphere climate indeed allows us to have a fresh climate to produce bitter and light wines that is necessary to make a good champagne. A calcareous soil is also necessary to bring grapes an acidity which allows the aromas to develop for a long time during the phase of ageing. A rise in the temperatures and a long hot season in the Champagne region would actually modify the attributes and to ensure the process of ageing of the wine.

The hottest temperatures ever reached in France, during the summer of 2003, and the low precipitation caused a drying of the grape and triggered a strong concentration of sugar in seeds. The levels of acidity plummeted as the grape stuffed itself with sugar, while a champagne needs a good acidity to age well and develop its aromas. The production of 2003 was reduced of about 50 % with regard to a normal year.

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