Those who help us

Discover those who contributed and who still contribute to Mater & Filii adventure.


Soul mate, indestructible support to Mater & Filii, even before the beautiful story began. Mater of a filla and two filiis.

Ellair / Estelle & Robin

French designers working on the road. Always trying to make creative stuff and to bring this touch of creative madness and colors which will leave their mark. Creative studio, human-sized, full of ideas and coffee. They operate in fascinating areas of varied expertise from Branding to Set Design, including Packaging and Web Design. Graphic designers, brand designers, web designer and art directors of Mater & Filii since the beginning. They provide a new look from the outside on the world of champagne.

Marthe-Camille CHARLES

Social Media Manager, expert in luxury, fashion, culinary art as well as #storytelling, Web and social media. Counsellor of Mater & Filii since the beginning. Studied at Berkeley College - New York City and ISCOM Paris. Fashion addict, cooker and snob in her spare time. Fairy of Mater and Filii champagne .


Cooking Chef for more than thirty years, Epicurean, "bon vivant", scuba diver in ocean depths. Counsellor of Mater & Filii for combinations between dishes and champagne.


Nestle Waters, Metz, friend of more than 20 years, Epicurean, "bon vivant", has a great knowledge in French food and beverages.


VINELYSS, Mareuil-sur-Ay cabinet, expert counsellor in vine-growing and wine-making. Follows and advises Mater and Filii since its beginning. Local and human-sized structure, essential partner.

Antonio NABAIS

Imprim'éclair, 9, allée de la Côte des Blancs, Z.A. les Terres Rouges, 51200 Epernay, printer of Mater & Filii, friend (a local and human-sized structure). Knows how to answer fast and well to the (very) numerous last-minute specific requests from Mater and Filii. Essential partner.


Latham Media, friend of more than 20 years, big traveler, exports the french touch worldwide.


Oenologist at Mater & Filii, childhood friend (High school then University), Epicurean, "bon vivant", big traveler (South-East Asia (China, Korea), South America (Argentina, Brazil), used to practice Qwan Ki Do.

Florence MACHET

Oenologist at Mater & Filii, rigorous and methodical, began her training in a House of Champagne then developed her expertise within a chablisienne House, the House RÉGNARD.

David RASE

Artist / professionnal photographer of Mater & Filii since its beginning. He's demanding and passionate. Knows how to transform grapes into a masterpiece but not by making wine.

David MELO

Childhood friend, best friend, always there, where and when it was necessary, (1970 - 2014). I would not have made it without him, but I shall make it without him.

Thierry and Nicole FLEURY

Brasserie le Select Monceau, friends from the very beginning with Mater & Filii, from the region of Auvergne and proud to be.

Olivier CLOUET, OC2P

Villers sous Châtillon, childhood friend, provides software packages in wine business, sales management and register of cellar of Mater & Filii. There were 2 possibilities : acquire a software package with a big national group or work with a local and human-sized structure, besides held by a childhood friend.

Christian LEMOUTON

After a long career spent animating a project team within a large international group, Christian decided, at the time of retirement, to create Web Concept Maisons Laffitte to practice what has always fascinated him, the computer development. Self-taught, he trained at CEFII "Ecole professionnelle du numérique" in all the languages used for the creation of websites as well as in infographics. Able to create or redesign any type of website, he is the webmaster of

Margaux JOSI

Polyglot and Mater & Filii Counsel in translation and interpretation. Now teacher in Edinburgh, our neighbor of Carrières sur Seine drafted the English version of the website Mater & Filii (and knew thus how to translate from French language, among others, " sustainable vinegrowing ", "scallops" and " The scent evokes red berries, and a range of slightly sweetened flavors offers itself to your taste buds, with a beautiful length"

DJCE (Diploma of Juriste Conseil d‘Entreprise)

The label DJCE (Diploma of Juriste Conseil d‘Entreprise) was created to train high-level professional jurists, having a wide expertise in business law, whether it is company law, tax law, labor law, international business law, and many others ... An area that has nothing to do with wine but very practical today (essential ?) to face the regrettable mess of texts and compulsory regulations for the farming and wine-making sectors.


(1948 - 2017) No Filii without Mater, no Filii without Pater. Rest in peace.